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Butteri-ing up Nigella

When the queen of cuisine, Nigella Lawson, says “Best ever croissants at the bakery in @thecalilehotel” you do the math and get yourself a croissant at The Calile Lobby Bar of course.

But how, why and who is responsible for delighting Nigella so sweetly?

The bakers out there know that when it comes to the alchemy of pastry, it is the ‘who’ that is the most important element, so meet Julianna Butteri, Head Pastry Chef at The Calile and all-round delightful individual.

Aside from having one of the most pun-perfect pastry chef names, Julianna is a pastry perfectionist that has imbued a relaxed and generous Brazilian spirit into The Calile’s dedicated subterranean pastry kitchen…. and the proof really is in the pastry.

Notwithstanding the “best ever croissants”, Julianna manages the delivery of the entire hotel’s baking demands spanning functions and conferences, in-room amenities, and room service.  It is a big gig, delighting guests and Lobby Bar patrons 365 days a year, and one that requires excellence, stamina and good humour – things that the charming Julianna has in spades.

Having started her career as a designer in Brazil, Julianna followed a passion which ultimately led to a career transition to hospitality, meeting her husband and immigrating to Australia (from Rio, via New York).  Who knew that pastry could prompt such transformation?!

Since dedicating her life to dough in Rio in 2013, Julianna has not looked back, moving to New York to bake for the likes of Oprah Winfrey at the iconic Le Cirque, then immigrating to Australia in 2018 to further her culinary education and continue working at the likes of the Manly Boat House, before setting up a culinary consulting business and joining The Calile to head up all thing’s pastry.

Every road leads to a different journey, and following her passion for pastry has led Julianna to our corner of the world and the acclaim of those in the know.  All we know is that not all croissants are the same – combining butter and flour to create perfect pastry is an art-form and according to Julianna, the secret is simple, just mix butter with love.

Get yourself a little butter and love at Lobby Bar daily.

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