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The Calile as art

Events, James St

The Calile resides comfortably in a community that likes to occasionally throw neighbourhood get-togethers.October 2018 saw the James Street precinct welcome
The Calile hotel to the family via its annual RESORT event.


An iconic public event series, RESORT celebrates James Street, its subtropical setting “the urban oasis”, and its retail community as a leading
creative hub by combining cultural awareness and trade with the relaxed Queensland spirit. The Calile’s arrival this year signified the culmination
of the original intent of the RESORT event series – quite literally, The Calile has brought to life the ‘urban oasis’.


Each year RESORT champions creativity across diverse applications – from fashion and design discourse, trade and travel conversations, to retail and
artist cross-collaborations.For the 2018 event, multidisciplinary creative duo Prue Stent and Honey Long were charged to create a dreamlike RESORT
campaign marking the monumental architectural presence of The Calile on James Street.


The up-and-coming young artists were recently identified by Forbes in their annual ‘30 under 30’ list, and in addition to an already impressive oeuvre,
are being noticed internationally, with the likes of Gucci tapping the duo for creative commissions.


Combining an “intermingling of photography, performance, installation and sculpture” Stent and Long’s interpretation of RESORT and the hotel environment
resulted in a series of memorable and striking images that possess a surreal, dream-like aesthetic.


Contrasting the masculine of the built environment and architectural space with the feminine of the form and flowing fabric, Stent and Long crafted
an immersive and ethereal series that showcase the stunning spaces within The Calile and the wider precinct.


Renowned for producing images that merge the body with the landscape, Stent and Long’s sensitively structured images reveal The Calile’s striking environment
through carefully choreographed billowing fabric and anthropomorphic forms.


With a series that captures and celebrates the unveiling of The Calile within James Street, Stent and Long have created more than just a campaign,
rather an airy and timeless collection of artworks that distinguish the arrival of something special – Australia’s first urban resort.

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