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Choosing a partner is important. Whether it be a life partner, business or creative partner, those you choose reflect our passions, interests, and character – they inspire and stimulate us to be better, more aware, curious and creative. With the greatest pleasure, we continue to partner with Australasian Dance Collective (ADC) in 2023. ADC is one such creative partner that ignites our curiosity and imagination with every fluid movement. Creating powerful performances that defy categorisation, visual spectacles that demand emotive engagement and remarkable shows that consistently push the boundaries of contemporary dance.

ADC’s upcoming performance, Lucie In the Sky is an incredibly ambitious project. In a world-first, ADC will break the boundary between human movement and machines with dancers performing alongside drones inbued with human emotion. The intersection of art and technology is undeniably dominant in the art world currently, with AI art apps and ChatGPT leading the way. However, coding the drones to convey individual personalities has never been attempted in this way.

ADC Artistic Director Amy Hollingsworth, who has been dreaming and developing this ground-breaking project for the past six years, is eager to explore the possibilities that merging dance and technology presents.

“Creative experiments intertwining arts and technology enhance our ability to imagine our place, as humans, in the future. AI already permeates our lives, but how humans and AI agents interact in the arts can be inspired and guided by projects like this,” says Hollingsworth.

Working alongside Switzerland-based Verity Studios (best known for collaborating with Drake and Justin Bieber), ADC has merged dance with technology, programming five drone dancers with human personalities. From joyful to melancholic, each drone character will be recognised by the colour of its light source and name.

“Contemporary dance and technology push boundaries and connect people – I wanted to explore this through the melding of drones and dancers, humanising the drones. I am deeply interested in how the relationship between humans and autonomous machines can transform when the drones are imbued with human-like behaviour.”

The Calile is honoured to have been invited to support the ‘leader’ drone for the upcoming season. The leader drone is a calm and considered inspiration to its cast mates and is named ‘M’.
We are also delighted to share this incredible world-first performance with our like-minded community via a limited accommodation and performance package:

Lucie In the Sky world premiere season presented at QPAC Playhouse from 5-13 May 2023.

The talent team are touring Canberra mid-July, details on tickets here.

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