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This summer throughout November, December and into January 2024, The Calile will donate $5 for every night a guest stays with us to support 3rd Space, a local charity providing vital community work.

We encourage our guests to donate too, and have made it easy to match our donation by adding a donation option to our website. So, when making a booking to stay with us, please add a small donation to 3rd Space to support people experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

What is 3rd Space? For most of the population, your first place is your home, your second place is where you work or go to school, and your third place is a place you gather and connect outside of the first two spaces. But what if you do not have the first two spaces? That is where 3rd Space Brisbane steps in – a day-time drop-in centre where people experiencing or at risk of homelessness can find support, connection, friendship and dignity.

Assisting thousands of people every year, 3rd Space provides fundamental support in many forms. From hot showers and café style meals through to specialised assistance that can contribute to breaking the cycle of homelessness by facilitating access to support workers, medical, mental health, law, tenancy, employment, financial support and other services.

The 3rd Space café is a vital lifeline for an ever increasing number in our community. The dramatic increase to the cost of living has seen the demand for food support spike in the past 12-months with 3rd Space helping feed more than ever before, an increase of over 1,700 per month year on year.

The café is fundamental, providing sustenance but also connection and relief to over 21,000 people per year.  3rd Space however is not immune to the inflation crisis, the increased food demand has also come with a 50% increase in the cost to purchase and supply those in need.

This catch 22 situation has been a catalyst for our immediate action, to give back to a well-respected community contributor. 3rd Space has been operating since 1975 but over the past 12-months the centre has seen a significant increase of those in need of support. The stats from the past 12-months:

–   3rd Space has helped 22,642 people (up to 120 per day with an average of 80 per day across 7 days).

–   The 3rd Space café has served 21,596 nutritious meals 7-days a week (an increase of over 1,700 per month year on year) despite the fact that 3rd Space has also seen a 50% increase in the cost of food the café purchases.

–   Over 1,550 people have received 3,918 hrs of specialised support services.

–   103 families received 1,743 hrs of support to name a few of the services being provided.

–   Over 100 volunteers providing 10,890 volunteer hours and undertaking 540 hrs of training for staff and volunteers.

The figures are staggering and a clear indicator of the economic distress happening within our community. For this reason, we wish to support the great work that 3rd Space CEO Lesley Leece and her team are undertaking.

To find out more about 3rd Space, visit them here, and remember to add a donation to your stay with us when booking this Summer to help those in need to receive the help and support they require.

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