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Fashion, Hotel, James St

bassike-ly Calile

The Calile has collaborated with long-time co-operator bassike on our first co-branded and limited-edition garment. The bassike + The Calile agate print scarf is versatile, unisex and celebrates the warmth and sunshine that The Calile is renowned for.  The lightweight agate print scarf draws pattern inspiration from the depth and rich colouration of natural agate and is designed with poolside dressing in mind.  Created to celebrate the resort season, which is every season here at The Calile, this exclusive item is only available via the bassike-ly Calile package, at the James St bassike store and is highly limited.


To learn more about the collaboration and ongoing partnership, The Calile Hotel founding family member Catherine Malouf has shared insight on the special relationship and the genesis of the agate print scarf.


The Calile Hotel and bassike share a special history.  Both share a birthday of October 2018, when bassike opened their Queensland flagship store during The Calile Hotel’s grand opening.  bassike were the first retailer to sign up to join The Calile family of traders on the ground level, and without hesitation secured the cornerstone position on Ada Lane.  bassike too, have worked with The Calile since inception to design the signature Calile uniforms and both brands have worked together on subsequent fashion shoots and Fashion Week events.  bassike were also the first business to become a true friend of Calile – joining the Friends of Calile loyalty program and passing on mate’s rates instore to subscribed guests. 


When bassike invited The Calile to Fashion Week to view the launch of the Resort 2022 collection, my sister-in-law (Bec Malouf) and I were taken with the presentation – we were drawn to the richness and movement of the prints. The agate print in particular which we immediately felt imbued with a Calile quality and an ‘everlasting feeling of summer’ as described by bassike’s co-founder Deborah Sams. ‘Achieving quiet chaos, finding respite in simplistic, clean lines and a tonal colour palette’, it was a clear choice for The Calile to select the agate print to create a signature piece in celebration of the relationship between both brands. Two brands that have worked closely together over the years and who also share a design-led ethos – that design should be effortless and beautiful. 


When discussing what the garment should be, my family’s Arabic heritage may have played a part when suggesting that the piece take the form of a scarf or wrap.  With versatility and resort style in mind, it can be worn a myriad of ways by anyone and everyone.


To be worn over bikini’s poolside when ordering more kolokithia, artfully wrapped around salty sun-bleached hair for cocktails at Lobby Bar, as a breezy baby wrap under a shady umbrella or slung over the shoulder with books and holiday items bundled up safely.  The wrap is at once useful and egalitarian, beautiful and practical.


This is an item to treasure as a precious memory of warm welcome stays at The Calile Hotel and will hopefully be the first of a series of limited-edition collections with our bassike friends.


The fine Italian printed cotton makes this is a highly limited edition.  A small run of 250 has been lovingly handmade in Australia and is available only to The Calile guests that book the special bassike-ly Calile package and to a lucky few bassike clients at the James St location.

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