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Reason(s) To Thrive

Making a difference (no matter how big or small), begins with the steps we take today.

One of the ways we do this is through The Calile Charity, a philanthropic extension of the hotel where every year we partner with a local grassroots charity to drive long-lasting change, social engagement and raise much-needed funding and awareness for the vital work these organisations deliver.

Last year, we began our inaugural partnership with Safe Haven Community and held our first charity event and auction. The event was a great success, and thanks to our friends, sponsors, guests, and our broader community, we raised a total of $169,000 in direct support to Safe Haven Community.

This year, we’re are honoured to announce our partnership to raise funding and awareness for Reason to Thrive.

Reason to Thrive provides unique life skills and personal development programs to support at-risk children and women whose lives have been impacted by family and domestic violence. Through experiential equine-assisted learning (EAL) programs, the volunteer-led organisation helps participants rebuild, recover, and reconnect with themselves, and learn leadership, self-awareness, and social-emotional skills, through a safe and respectful relationship experience with horses.

With all learning done in the outdoor classroom via ground-based activities, the cornerstone of the program are the parallel characteristics between horses and humans. As an example, as a prey animal, safety is a priority for a horse. Therefore, when working with a human, they seek authentic leadership, respect, trust and teamwork. Through the support of qualified and accredited Equine Assisted Learning facilitators, participants are invited to learn and understand their mirrored behaviours, attitudes and beliefs and gain instant honest, and non-judgmental feedback with the horse serving as a teacher.

Michelle Beatty of Reason to Thrive shares the researched success of EAL that supports participants in strengthening their confidence, self-awareness and their physical, mental and social wellbeing,

“Through our equine-assisted learning programs, you see a participant’s self-confidence grow, their self-esteem appear, and they begin to trust those around them again. By the end of the program participants, who arrived nervous and self-doubting, gain this amazing feeling of empowerment and the belief in themselves that they can, is something truly so beautiful to watch.”

Julie Tom of Reason to Thrive says the partnership will make a big difference in helping fulfill the hopes of participants currently on the organisation’s waiting list,

“Thanks to the generous support of the Calile team, sponsors, and those joining us at the event, we’re all helping to give as many at-risk youth and women in our community the opportunity to build a brighter and more promising future for themselves and their families – something that each and every one of us has the right to achieve. On behalf of all of these future participants, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.”

Creating more Reason(s) to Thrive can begin from the comfort of your own home with our online charity auction event. Over 40 unique experiences and items have been generously donated from our local community which will be live for online bidding from Wednesday 10th of August 2022.

The culmination of the auction will be held at The Calile x Reason to Thrive Charity Gala, at The Calile Hotel on Friday 19th of August 2022, where we’ll invite you to make your final bids and a difference. The evening, hosted by Wendy Harmer and Tim Davies will include an in-depth panel discussion, live entertainment by Warner Music and Australasian Dance Collection, and food and drinks from The Calile’s finest restaurants.


Tickets for the Charity Gala will be available to purchase on the 6 of July 2022 here. Bidding is now open for the Online Auction, read the full list of prizes here.

An event where a meaningful mission and a united community positively collide, we invite our community to save these dates for the event.

Together, here’s to creating many more reason(s) for our community to thrive.

To read more information on The Calile Charity, please click here. 

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