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Hotel, James St

Memorable Experiences

Memorable hotels make for memorable stays.

For now, while we pause it’s nice to revisit what some of our guests had to say about their time at The Calile Hotel and how it made them feel. In reading their thoughts it helps us all remember what makes this such a special and unique destination.

Brisbane born David Prior now founder and CEO of New York based bespoke travel club Prior stayed for the opening of the hotel in October 2018. The former contributing editor of Condé Nast Traveler and Vogue Living has spent a large part of his working life travelling the globe and sharing his experiences. His memories of his stay reflect his honed perception of why The Calile is so special. Says Prior –

“Infrequently, a small hotel can change the perception of a city in the eyes of a traveller. The Calile has contributed to that shift in Brisbane. The James St precinct has always stood out for the individualism of its stores, restaurants, and operators, and The Calile is an extension of that hugely successful philosophy – one that says Brisbane has its own identity, lifestyle, and point of view. The Calile, with its easy sophistication and entirely unique subtropical edge is game-changing, and as such the only game in town.”

For UK based internationally acclaimed travel journalist Juliette Kinsman who stayed at the hotel in March 2019 the sentiment continues. ….

“As the adage goes a tidy house means a tidy mind… Here thanks to the beautiful architecture and design I had an easy breezy feeling of being calm and comforted…

Sensitive too – in terms of sustainability, and its consideration of passive design principles. [ I ] loved stepping out of the elevators into naturally-ventilated corridors with intriguing bespoke breeze-blocks with semi-circle ventilation shapes — 7,800 to be exact, wow. Eliminating air-con from the hallways thanks to this open-to-the-elements arrangement and ceiling fans, also lending a palpable sense of place made it feel fresh and breezy in personality and delivery.”

Australian author Nick Earls (based in Brisbane) renowned for his humorous witty take on everyday life was instrumental in creating the voice of The Calile Hotel’s website. After writing in such depth about the hotel prior to its opening – Nick’s account of his stay is all the more interesting given his detailed knowledge of the property.  Says Earls….

“The Calile invites you to exhale. The architecture, the design and the staff together make it a sanctuary.

My favourite moment was when I turned a corner on the way from my room to the lift, and the corridor opened into a breezeway clad with textured blocks opening onto a garden. I’m used to hotel corridors shutting me in but The Calile defiantly and deliberately does the opposite and keeps offering something new each time you turn a corner.”

A common thread through all that stay is the sense of calm and repose that pervades at The Calile.

“Calm, above all else is how it makes you feel. It does a lot to appeal to the senses, but in a way that puts them at ease. Both in the rooms and the public spaces, the design lends a sense of tranquillity, and the staff enhance that, through being always available but never intrusive,” states Earls.

Finally, Elanor Pendleton – one of Australia’s most influential and respected beauty entrepreneurs and editor in chief of online magazine and website Gritty Pretty shares her perspective…

“Comfortable and chic yet surrounded by luxury that is beautiful rather than intimidating. From the moment I check in, I feel I’m on holiday (even if I’m in town on business). The alfresco pool area is one of my favourite places within the hotel – as is the downstairs cafe and that pink marble bar.

Every detail at The Calile is so well considered. The Calile makes me feel I’ve been transported to Miami or Palm Springs – without having the fly 14 hours from Sydney.”

Pendleton loved The Calile experience so much that she decided to share it with her dedicated audience…

“Gritty Pretty held a reader event at The Calile for 100 of our readers – it was so special to connect with our female audience in such a beautiful setting.

I think the sensation that best summarises The Calile for me is… Relaxed and ready for an Aperol Spritz! “

All of the above reflect the reasons why The Calile remains a genuinely unique destination committed to its guests and creating memorable experiences.

The comments also explain why soon after opening The Calile was showered with international accolades including the Condé Nast Traveler Readers Choice Award in 2019.

Like all great hotels which claim their title because of the people who create them, the people who work there and most importantly the people who choose to stay there – The Calile will continue to set a new standard of experiences well into the future for many years to come.

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